Welcome to Library Candy!

This website was developed with the elementary school library in mind but you will find that much of the information may be used in middle school, high school, and even public libraries. This website is for the very new librarian as well as the experienced. I hope I've provided some useful "candy" for you to use in your library to make your experiences sweeter.

Note: Bear with me through broken links and empty pages while I'm working on content!

My goal for this website

Every elementary school library is different just as all librarians are different. What works for me will not work for you entirely but may give you ideas or may be adaptable for your library situation. I have filled this Library Candy Jar full of wonderful websites, my advice and recommendations, and other delectable things I hope you can use. I invite your tips and suggestions and questions for anything related to your experience. My goal is to help librarians, especially new ones, develop a great library program and assist them in any way I can. I had a lot of questions when I started and didn't have much help. I fumbled through and found what worked for me. I always try new ways of doing things that I think might make my job more effective, even more enjoyable, or even easier. Though it's never "easy," there's always room for improvement. I hope this website inspires you, gives you confidence, helps you to reflect on your own practice, and makes your work life more fun and even a little easier!